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Slow – V – Oceans Review

Few people know that “funeral doom” is really just an acronym for the elements that make up the art form. It was just a coincidence that the acronym formed such a perfect title for the


Cult Of Erinyes – Tiberivs Review

In the never-ending quest to reconnect with our youth, perhaps because it offers us a glimpse into what we perceived as better times, cassette tapes have become the alternative format du jour. And it makes

Control Human Delete – The Prime Mover Review

An unfortunate side-effect of the otherwise glorious surfeit of excellent heavy metal currently churning around in the fetid underground is that “pretty good” is rarely good enough anymore. Pair that general observation with the fact

Saille – Ritu Review

As a style, symphonic black metal is generally theatrical, grandiose, and (without necessarily implying fault) often quite pompous. It isn’t exactly a sub-genre known for scaling it back. That made Irreversible Decay, the debut from

Bilocate – Summoning The Bygones Review

Jordanian death / doom outfit Bilocate describes their sound as “Oriental dark metal,” though that may confuse some Western readers. It’s important to note that therein these guys are utilizing an older usage of the

Ne Obliviscaris – Portal of I Review

Originally written by Ramar Pittance There are two totally valid arguments to be made about Portal of I, the ambitious full length debut from Australia’s Ne Obliviscaris. There’s the one that I am pre-disposed to make. That

J.W. Pozoj – Escape Of Pozoj Review

Black metal as an art form has woven itself a web of interpretive tangents of late, unwittingly (perhaps) getting all gnarled up in scrutiny. While some of the validity vetting is surely self-interested, much is

Stielas Storhett – Expulse Review

Typically, a black and white photo of a lone band member looking frustrated, downtrodden, solitary, and/or confrontational gives way to thoughts of minimalistic raw black metal – the type of music made by one person, for one