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Cormorant – Earth Diver Review

Originally written by Chris Redar I know it’s my job as a critic to be able to use an objective set of criteria to subjectively judge an album based on the audience said album will

KK’s Best Of 2011

From a writers perspective, 2011 was a very interesting transition year for me. Somewhere in the process of graduating from college (4 years late, but hey…), spending some time to myself in Northern Germany and

Cormorant – Dwellings Review

No matter what genre I’m listening to, whether weepy-face indie rock diaper-wetting, robots-having-a-seizure electronic angle music, or fjord-gargling black metal of the least children-and-small-animal-friendly variety, my favorite music tends to do two things: feel both

Jordan Campbell’s Top 20 of 2009

Another year in heavy metal…and what a year it was. It seems like every band on the planet released something in 2009; when Immortal, Absu, and Destroyer 666 all emerge from hibernation at once, it’s a sign that things