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Diamonds & Rust: Crimson Glory – Crimson Glory

Heavy metal and gimmickry have had a complicated relationship since the very day the genre first crawled from the primordial soup. When the strategy has worked, the results have been remarkable: KISS, Mercyful Fate /

80s Essentials – Optional Retro-spections, Volume 3 Haiku

And in a blink of an eye, round #3 is upon us. If the first twenty haiku snuck under your radar, you can catch up right’chere. And if you’re interested in a quick summary of precisely

Titular Homogeneity – Masque Of The Red Death

So many horror fiction writers have served to inspire heavy metal music.  Lovecraft gets the obvious nod, but the works of Edgar Allan Poe, too, have had a great impact on the genre.  He was,