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Diamonds & Rust: Crossover Memories And 35 Years Of The Cro-Mags’ Best Wishes

[Artwork: The Appearance of Lord Nrsimhadeva from The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust] “Blow that cigar smoke in my face one more time and find out.” The years have a way of getting fuzzy, but if memory

Blast Rites: Deterioration / Traffic Death – Split

A few months back, I waxed poetic rambled semi-coherently about how much fun it is, as a grindcore fanboy, when a split comes along from two bands you love. That particular enthusiastic word-barrage was in

Found Sounds And Frig You Friday, Vol. 4

Fuck me, there is a LOT of music out in the world. You ever tape songs off the radio? (Yes, at least two of the words in that sentence are enough to paint me as

Municipal Waste – Electrified Brain Review

When you get into middle age, some combination of social convention (“you’re too old for this”) or real-world responsibilities (kids, job, life) or simple physical limitation (it just fuckin’ hurts) will usually tell you that

Traffic Death – Judas Curse Of The Iron Sabbath Review

This one’s a month or so old now… or it’s not even out yet, depending on how you want to look at it. These damned supply chain issues today, amirite? What I mean by that

Children Of Technology – Written Destiny Review

When civilization collapses, fuel and ammunition will be humanity’s most valuable resources. You know it. I know it. George Miller knows it. That’s why I keep hundreds of full five-gallon gas cans and thousands of

High Command – Everlasting Torment Review

Fast Rites: because sometimes brevity is fundamental. Epic fantasy thrash?  Is that a thing? No? Can we make it a thing? Worcester, Mass’s High Command is doing their damnedest to make it a thing, and

Expander – Neuropunk Boostergang Review

</INITIATE.PROTOCOL: (coverART.Awesome!) Music always comes first, here at YourLastRitesCorp, Inc. (GIWR on the heavy metal stock exchange; available in units of RiffCoin only.) But we also recognize that the right image will hook us before