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Last Rites’ Facebook Albums Of The Week: October 14th – October 20th

“Album Of The Day” is a Last Rites Facebook feature we started whose purpose is quite straight-forward: highlight one album per day and say a few words about it. Understanding that not everyone chooses to

Crowpath – One With Filth Review

Originally written by Michael Roberts. Just when I thought it was safe to lock in my top albums for 2008, along come Crowpath to throw me into a spin with this truly nasty piece of work. Like

Crowpath – Son Of Sulphur Review

“The floor had a pattern which I can’t describe but it was such to get lost in”–From “Scab Coated Attraction” Fuckin’ Crowpath. Call ‘em whatever you want–grind, death, tech-core, metalcore; it’s of no consequence. To me

Crowpath – Old Cuts and Blunt Knives Review

Originally written by Dan Staige. Are you a happy-go-lucky type person? Do you like whistling melodies on the way to work and back? If you are, look no further than Swedish “melo-death”. Also, look somewhere