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Sovereign – Altered Realities Review

[AWESOME cover art by Skaðvaldur] Sovereign is a thrashy band from Norway. They intermingle with other thrashy bands from Norway (one member has even played live with scene kings Nekormantheon). But Sovereign does not necessarily

Castrator – Defiled In Oblivion Review

[Cover artwork by the inimitable Jon Zig] I’ll be honest and quickly admit the following right from the jump: For reasons having zero to do with the actual quality of the release, I have spent

Anatomia / Undergang – Split (2022) Review

In all of heavy metal’s fifty-ish glorious years, how many conversations have been had the world around concerning some variation on the theme “Who is the heaviest of them all?” Tens of thousands, no doubt.

Septage ‒ Septisk Eradikasyon Review

Even in a year as loaded with great goregrind as 2020, the debut demo from Copenhagen’s Septage really stood out. Septic Decadence was four tunes in just under 12 minutes, loaded with blasts and tremolo

Anatomia – Corporeal Torment Review

You remember that godawful REM song from way back, “Shiny Happy People?” The people that Michael Stipe was singing about… well, they weren’t the guys in Anatomia, that’s for sure. To all outward appearances, these

Best Of 2020 – Ryan Tysinger: Maybe We All Deserve The Hammer

Go, then. There are other worlds than these. – Jake Chambers The zombie sub-genre of horror film introduced some interesting hypotheticals. Everyone reading this has, in all likelihood, at least pondered on how they would

Undergang – Aldrig I Livet Review

[Cover artwork by David Torturdød] Why are we as disgusting human beings so attracted to things that are disgusting? There are a number of reasons, but it’s essentially rooted in the fact that we’re all

Engulfed – Vengeance Of The Fallen Review

A dark sun rises in the west. The midday heat recedes. Cold billows forth from the caverns below. Your body is sucked into the blackhole on the horizon. You and thousands of dead corpses are