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Severe Torture – Torn From The Jaws Of Death Review

[Cover art by Pär Olofsson] Despite the fact that this Dutch quintet has been battering skulls for more than two decades, a 14-year absence between full-lengths makes it at least a little fair that perhaps

Necrot – Lifeless Birth Review

Is there anything better than superbly written death metal? What else gets the blood pumping or gives you enough adrenaline kick to bite through a chain-link like some good old-fashioned death metal? Weirdly, I also

Replicant – Infinite Mortality Review

[Cover art by Alli Tuttle] Have you ever hung out with a dumb, smart person? You know, the kind of person that will blow your mind by saying one of the most compellingly intelligent things

Benighted – Ekbom Review

[Cover art by Grindesign] Fans of the grim and foul music we so enjoy will always need the serious side of the tunes. We crave those albums that make our skin crawl, send a cold

Suffer – Grand Canvas Of The Aesthete Review

[Cover art by Ettore Aldo del Vigo] Scenes like heavy metal tend to be rather incestuous. I don’t mean the kind that all the adult sites are such big fans of these days, but rather

Prisoner – Putrid | Obscene Review

[Cover Art By Justin Hast / bassist] Mechanical can often be a word levied against a band as a negative. The term can mean the production sounds too clean or that the music lacks a

Soulmass – Principality Of Mechanical Violence Review

[Cover art by Samuel Nelson] When I reviewed Soulmass’ previous album, Let Us Pray, and when I named it to spot number 20 on my best-of list last year, I mentioned that while part of

Spectral Voice – Sparagmos Review

Ah, fear—a souvenir for the living. Fear, in and of itself, is subjective. However, certain situations and experiences fall into the “objective” category. For example, suppose you find yourself the victim of insects burrowing, bulging,