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Vomitory – All Heads Are Gonna Roll Review

Vomitory’s nearly thirty-five year career is one marked primarily by consistency, albeit – if this makes any sense – delivered inconsistently. Formed in 1989, their first decade was a slow build – a 7” titled

Garoted – Bewitchment Of The Dark Ages Review

[Cover art by Misanthropic-Art] The quickest way to find out if you’re likely to enjoy the third full length from Nebraska’s Garoted, Bewitchment Of The Dark Ages, is to answer some very simple questions. Those

Spinebreaker – Cavern Of Inoculated Cognition Review

[Cover art by Brad Moore] We’re now coming up on about 40 years since the earliest, most primitive forms of extreme metal sprouted up from the soil of metal’s first decade-plus, and in all those

Ascended Dead – Evenfall Of The Apocalypse Review

Ascended Dead’s 2017 debut, Abhorrent Manifestation, ripped its way through a marked year for death metal. It was a favorite of the year for me: a riff-a-minute barrage with primal underpinnings of Possessed, Sarcófago, and Necrovore

Blast Rites: Nak’ay – Divine Atrophy & Seized Review

What’s better than a new Nak’ay EP? Two new Nak’ay EPs, mmmk’ay! Emerging into the world on the same day, Divine Atrophy* and Seized are effectively fraternal twins – born of the same parents, sharing

Pestifer – Defeat Of The Nemesis Review

[Cover art by David Caryn] Nothing quite reminds you of the vastness of the musical universe like finding a new-to-you band that is decidedly not new. My initial spin of Pestifer’s new EP Defeat of

Rotten Sound – Apocalypse Review

As I was winding up to write this review, I ran into one of my fellow Last Rites scribblers by the coffee machine in the break room. Turns out, he had been listening to this

Smallpox Aroma – Festering Embryos Of Logical Corruption Review (+ Cystgurgle Bonus!)

It’s important, dear readers, that, as we all wander through this blistering hellscape of life, we take a moment each day to stop and smell the… smallpox? Formed in Bangkok in 2006, Smallpox Aroma has