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Becerus – Homo Homini Brutus Review

[Album artwork: Karl Dahmer / Dahmer Art] Here’s the great news: Death metal is still in the midst of an absurd upswing in popularity, resulting in an endless avalanche of brutal, technical, melodic, blackened, progressive,

Asphyxiate ‒ Altar Of Decomposed Review

[Cover artwork: Adi Dechristianze] If you wanted to give someone an example of a straight-down-the-middle form of brutal death metal, you could do much worse than selecting Indonesia’s Asphyxiate. While a whole heap of bands

Slimelord – The Delta Death Sirens (Reissue) Review

Last May, Cryptic Shift released Visitations From Enceladus, a take on classic-styled tech-death / thrash that our very own Mr. Duvall described as “flashy, brash, sassy, cheeky, boisterous, and pretty wild” and also thus: “indebted

Wharflurch – Shitslime Review

Some are born gross, some achieve grossness, and others have grossness thrust upon them. With apologies to ol’ Bill Shakespeare, Florida’s brilliantly named Wharflurch may as well have knocked down all three of those grossness

Steel Bearing Hand ‒ Slay In Hell Review

[Artwork by Vrugarthdoom] This album doesn’t waste a second of time, so let’s not waste any with this review. Slay In Hell, the sophomore album from Steel Bearing Hand, is pure, uncut heavy metal thunder

Memoriam – To The End Review

On one hand, the comparisons between Memoriam and Bolt Thrower are inevitable. Look at any writings about Memoriam in the last four-ish years, and I’d bet that Bolt Thrower is mentioned in the first three

Feculent – The Grotesque Arena Review

Have you guys heard about the new restaurant on the moon? The food is good, but there’s no atmosphere. But seriously, folks… If you’d like to take my alleged joke and let me stretch it

Expression Is Free: Sufism Interview

Death metal, particularly that of the brutal kind, is not often entrenched firmly in the spiritual realms existing far beyond — and above — our consciousness. Rather, the brutal death metal tends to focus on