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Grave – Fiendish Regression Review

Originally written by Gregory Bradley. Old-skool death metal is so goddamn entertaining. Legendary death metallers Grave continue their epic catalog with their latest sacrificial offering, Fiendish Regression. Now when I was an inexperienced and hotheaded youth, death metal

Bloodbath – Nightmares Made Flesh Review

It’s Bloodbath, which means a certain homage will be paid to your Death Metal heroes while getting all the advantages that modern recording techniques can deliver. If you are me, that means you are going

Amon Amarth – Fate Of Norns Review

To not enjoy Amon Amarth if you are a metal fan has to be akin to not enjoying oral sex if you are a human. I am willing to bet they are out there, but

Draconian – Where Lovers Mourn Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas Tearful and melancholy Gothic Death/doom metal is the order of the day for Sweden’s Draconian, and while by no means original, fans of Theatre of Tragedy, Tristania, Sins of Thy

Jungle Rot – Fueled By Hate Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas Do we really need another Jungle Rot album? Is anyone still clamoring over their last two efforts, Slaughter the Weak or Dead and Buried? I doubt it. But essentially the

Cock And Ball Torture – Egoleech Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas So I get this album from this German band, and I’ve heard the name, and I’m expecting some face blasting grindcore insanity. Nein. Instead I get some extraordinarily mid paced

Golem – Dreamweaver Review

Originally written by Ryan Plunkett If Morbid Angel and Carcass made a baby that became interested in symphonic black metal, I think it would sound something like Golem. Golem arrives releasing their latest album, Dreamweaver.

Malevolent Creation – Warkult Review

Originally written by Ramar Pittance It’s been fourteen years and the Malevolent Creation that was spawned in the glory days of American Death Metal still refuses to die. Thank Fucking Satan. Surviving numerous lineup changes,