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Blast Rites: AK//47 – Menari Dalam Abu Algoritma Review

A few weeks back, at the turn of the year, we published our annual Most Anticipated Albums for the coming year. In making our selections back in December, I had initially chosen the third installment

Ghoul – Noxious Concoctions Review

Everyone’s favorite splatterthrashers return with a new EP in Noxious Concoctions, a five-song, twenty-minute blast of their signature bloodsoaked death/thrash/occasional surf-rock. If you’re no stranger to Creepsylvania – if you’ve kept up with Ghoul for

Engulf – The Dying Planet Weeps Review

There’s a consensus among the extreme music faithful that death metal is more popular than ever before. If you’re a sadomasochist and enjoy the torture of social media, just keep an eye out. These opinions

Drowned – Procul His Review

[Cover artwork by T1] PORTRAIT OF A PROCUL HIS ACOLYTE The most immediate impression to leap out as Procul His begins to unfold in is the fact that it’s quite clearly a very intentionally serious

Master – Saints Dispelled Review

The hype sticker for Saints Dispelled states simply, “When it says Master, you get Master.” A truer distillation of a new Master album in 2024 would be hard to come by, I will concede —

Sovereign – Altered Realities Review

[AWESOME cover art by Skaðvaldur] Sovereign is a thrashy band from Norway. They intermingle with other thrashy bands from Norway (one member has even played live with scene kings Nekormantheon). But Sovereign does not necessarily

Best Of 2023: Josh Heath – The Spirit Of Extraterrestrial Radio

Some years are better than others. Thankfully, 2023 was good to me. I got married, started a podcast, started writing alongside the fine folks here at Last Rites, and last but certainly not least, my

Best Of 2023: Andrew Edmunds – I Used To Be Indecisive, But Now I’m Not Sure

So the stupid title that I gave this thing is both a terrible dad joke and a sad truth, in the sense of that, whenever I’m compelled to make these year-end lists (which seems to