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Yerûšelem – The Sublime Review

For a band that was originally shrouded in a fair bit of mystery and anonymity, Blut Aus Nord has come perilously close to oversaturating its own relatively niche market. Although Vindsval and company have slowed

In The Woods… – Cease the Day Review

The reunion of Norway’s In the Woods… a few years ago was as pleasant as it was unexpected. In the 90s, the band released three wildly different albums that brought a whole lot of sweeping

Blut Aus Nord – Deus Salutis Meae Review

Just in time for Halloween: what could be spookier than an extremely disappointing album from a typically vital and engrossing artist? Blut Aus Nord’s Deus Salutis Meæ again trudges into the bleak blackened industrial abyss in


Au Champ Des Morts – Dans La Joie Review

Having only a two-song, seemingly one-note EP (Le Jour Se Lève) to go on, you can imagine the surprise at hearing the diversity of sounds, the mellowness, the near desert rock-like atmospheric touches across French black


In The Woods… – Pure Review

In the Woods… officially formed all the way back in 1991 but Pure is only their fourth full-length to date. The Norwegian band formed as an offshoot of a very early version of Green Carnation,

Terra Tenebrosa – The Reverses Review

Execute program: Terra Tenebrosa The Reverses. …Begin Phase 1… Execute sub-program: “Makoria.” Purging of chaotic elements. System reset… Execute sub-program: “Ghost at the End of the Rope.” Tentative merging of the mechanical and the organic.


Draugnim – Vulturine Review

Growth can be difficult to measure. For example, we know that grass grows, but if one were to sit there and watch it grow, said growth would be imperceptible. Similarly, you can’t see a child

Akhlys – The Dreaming I Review

Akhlys is a side project of Nightbringer guitarist Naas Alcameth (because a pseudonym is cooler than being a black metal artist named Kyle Spanswick). When first putting ears on sophomore effort The Dreaming I, this