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Defeated Sanity – The Sanguinary Impetus Review

[Artwork by Jon Zig] Humans are predisposed to routine and generally avoid change as if it comes standard with a lifetime supply of random groin kicks in the middle of the night. Of course we

Staff Infections – May 2020

Hello, dear readers. I’ve been writing this Staff Infections feature for years now, and in addition to the main purpose of this feature, which is to share what the Last Rites staff has been listening

10s Essentials – Volume Five

Friends, we have officially reached the halfway point of our journey. We’ll go ahead and pull off the interstate at the next rest area so you can finally stretch your legs, visit a bathroom (that

Defeated Sanity – Psalms Of The Moribund Review

Originally written by Michael Roberts. What we have here is technical death/grind falling somewhere between early Suffocation, Barnes-era Cannibal Corpse and Cryptopsy. Defeated Sanity are high on the speed and brutality but low on subtlety and dynamics, so if you can’t