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Dimmu Borgir – Eonian Review

Listen, I don’t feel like spending a lot of time apologizing or contextualizing or tiptoeing around my point, so I’ll get right to it: I am of the opinion that A) Dimmu Borgir is a

90s Essentials – Volume Eight

We’re gearing up for the final act, people. Volume 8 of MetalReview’s 100 Most Essential Albums Of The 1990s might’ve been subtitled “Groundbreakers” if we had the front page real estate to allow for such

Dimmu Borgir – Abrahadabra Review

originally written by Erik Thomas Here’s album number nine from Dimmu Borgir, and here’s another chance for the masses to divide and argue over the bands style, output and imagery. And it would certainly be easy

Dimmu Borgir – In Sorte Diaboli Review

Originally written by Ramar Pittance I’m always disappointed by new Dimmu Borgir albums. Not because they’re particularly poorly written, played or produced albums. Ironically, it’s because they never live up to the titillating negative press I read

Dimmu Borgir – Death Cult Armageddon Review

Originally written by Gregory Bradley. The highly anticipated album from one of the biggest names in the underground heavy metal scene has arrived. In the true spirit of the three seemingly nonsensical words coupled together

Dimmu Borgir – Alive In Torment Review

Originally written by Ty Brookman I would have to believe it is blatantly apparent as to how we regard Dimmu Borgir around MetalReview. At times I have been in superlative amazement as they move through