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Darkest Era – Wither On The Vine Review

We here at Last Rites Music Listening (And Sometimes Writing But Often Yelling About Seeming Minutiae) Emporium HQ strive for accuracy and timeliness. We aim to stay abreast of consumer trends. To anticipate the discerning

Darkthrone – Astral Fortress Review

It was always the 80’s for us, man. – Fenriz Since A Blaze In The Northern Sky, the raison d’être of Darkthrone has been clear. Dig up the graves of the 80s for inspiration, inject a heaping helping of

Angmodnes – The Weight Of Eternity Review

Rarely would one use the phrase “short and sweet” to describe funeral doom. Yet here we are, courtesy of M.V. and Y.S. of Dutch doomsters Angmodnes and their debut EP, The Weight of Eternity. And

Worm – Bluenothing Review

Despite slithering out of the Floridian murk close to a decade ago in demo form, Worm’s last five years have been marked by several rapid metamorphoses (from black metal to rotted doom/death to a statelier,

Lord Of Confusion – Evil Mystery Review

There was a time when you couldn’t throw a rock without breaking the CD case of some amazing doom release from I Hate Records. Right around 2005 to about 2010. Isole. Burning Saviours. The Gates

Mother Of Graves – Where The Shadows Adorn Review

There’s a time for everything. The time for Mother Of Graves is now, in a few senses. In the broadest one, the time is now because it feels like this young band is rapidly gaining

Incantation – Tricennial Of Blasphemy Review

Thirty years… Thirty years ago, Bill Clinton was elected president (the first time); the acquittal of the cops who beat Rodney King sparked riots that tore through Los Angeles; compact discs overtook cassette tapes as

Dead Void – Volatile Forms Review

Given the current collective headspace, the thick layer of death/doom on Dead Void’s Volatile Forms probably isn’t the healthiest use of forty four minutes for the lot of us. There are certainly days where I