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Unruly – Hominid Review

Release #2 from Aotearoa New Zealand trio Unruly traverses the same horrible ground as the band’s 2020 debut. In this case, though, similarity is no bad thing. Reinvention isn’t on the agenda, but nor is


Bottomless – The Banishing Review

[Artwork by Marco Zanin and Sara Bianchin]   Bottomless return two years after their debut with their sophomore album The Banishing. And it must be said: all hail Italian doom metal. While the primary comparables for

Frig You Friday Presents: Frig You Fuzz – The Best Psych, Stoner, Prog, And Heavy Rock Of The Year (So Far)

As is tradition, every Fuck You Friday begins with: “Fuck me, there is a LOT of music out in the world.” But as the keenest and kleverest of you eagle-eyed shit-shellackers out there have surely

Gateway – Galgendood Review

Having zero familiarity with Gateway – a one-person doom/death band from Belgium – didn’t keep me from diving right into the slime that is Galgendood. Seriously, this thing is thick with the stuff. And not

Audio/Visual Premiere: 夢遊病者 – “Silesian Fur Coat”

The music of the Japanese/Russian/American collective known as 夢遊病者 (Sleepwalker) have been using their music to search out the nexus between cognitive memory and the subconscious since their debut demo (統​合​失​調​症​の​飢​餓) and subsequent first studio

Oromet – Oromet Review

I used to half-joke that I liked funeral doom because it was music for stretching out, closing your eyes, and trying your darnedest to believe you were laying in your coffin. I say half-joke because

Soul Void / Brainwave / Dole Bludger: More New Zealand Noize.

Below are a couple of noisy releases from the far-flung (and increasingly cyclone-battered) shores of Aotearoa New Zealand. Generally, when I write about metal or punk from my neck of the woods, I start by

They Watch Us From The Moon – Cosmic Chronicles, Act I: The Ascension Review

Have you ever been around someone flapping their jaw about how serious art has to be about serious things and if you don’t get it, you’re just not serious about being a serious part of