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Thanksgiving Turkeys: 2017’s Fowlest Flops

If you’re among the cherished tens and tens of regular readers we have here at Last Rites, you might notice something about us as a group: we aren’t particularly negative. This isn’t because we simply

90s Essentials – Volume One

In 2010 , the Last Rites staff compiled and released a series of ten features collectively detailing The 100 Most Essential Albums Of The 2000s, a comprehensive overview intended as something of a guide for the discerning metalhead

Electric Wizard – Black Masses Review

originally written by Chris McDonald Electric Wizard has long been a major player in the doom scene, and their influence in their own style, as well as their ability to pull in fans from metal’s

00s Essentials – Volume Two

Welcome back to Metal Review’s 100 Most Essential Albums of the 00s. Volume 2 features a pair of landmark doom releases, the glorious return of an epic metal legend, some widely varying interpretations of prog,

Electric Wizard – Witchcult Today Review

originally written by Chris McDonald Electric Wizard. The name alone conjures up images of billowing weed smoke, strange occult rituals, and Satan taking bong hits. This band’s track record is virtually untouchable, with Come My