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Ihsahn – Telemark EP Review

Imagine waking up in the morning and looking in the mirror only to see the face of Vegard Sverre Tveitan looking back at you. Imagine the pressure of knowing that you were responsible for Emperor’s

Cryptae – Vestigial Review

Death metal. Possibly considered the common denominator amongst many fans of heavy metal in the modern age, it has held its grip on the hearts of fans since its inception in the late 80s to

Chaos Echoes – Mouvement Review

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark. Some people might think of the English darkwave band with such hits as “If You Leave.” Some might randomly associate the British spelling with the similarly British spelling of France’s

Boris – Dear Review

Here is the real problem: you can use words to describe Boris’ music, but you are wrong when you do so. I can use phrases like “mixing the textured guitar work of Justin Broadrick meets

Brain Tentacles – Brain Tentacles Review

To have grown up a hard rock/metal fan in the early eighties is, I think, to have a deep disdain for the saxophone. At least it is for me. Along with the pop-synth and the

Faith No More – Sol Invictus Review

In 1995, I graduated high school. I kept in touch with a few of my classmates, but for the most part never saw or spoke to most of them after that. In 2005, they held

Liturgy – The Ark Work Review

Last Rites has been accused of metal snobbery in the past, so some may question the logic behind agreeing to review a record that appears to have willfully painted a target the size of Brooklyn

OvO – Abisso Review

Originally written by Chris Redar Experimental music has a tendency to be an ‘all-or-nothing’ proposition- not necessarily in the execution department, but as a final product. It’s either ridiculously engaging, or it’s simply ridiculous. A