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Best of 2020 – FetusGhost: What Retirement?

Editor’s Note: the man known as FetusGhost decided to hang up his reviewing boots earlier this year, but he has temporarily come out to retirement to make sure our 2020 wrap up wasn’t devoid of

Best Of 2020 – Andrew Edmunds: Alligators Can Grow Up To Fifteen Feet, But Most Of Them Still Only Have Four

Christ, I cannot even imagine how many trillions of words have been written / are being written / will be written about how utterly, unbelievably, unfathomably awful 2020 has been… And yet, I feel like

Fuck The Facts – Pleine Noirceur Review

I know it comes from a thirty-year-old Naked City song, but man, if there were ever a more tragically appropriate band name for these days of disinformation and rampant rejection of knowledge than “Fuck The

10s Essentials – Volume Nine

Well, how goes the isolation? Crawling out of your skin yet? Brain beginning to turn on you yet? Has the home office basically become the place you watch Star Trek: The Next Generation and King

Fuck The Facts – Disgorge Mexico: The DVD Review

Over the course of a decade, Fuck The Facts has easily become one of the most interesting bands in grindcore and arguably one of the most interesting outfits in all of extreme metal. Starting off

Fuck The Facts: Unnamed Interview

In the course of a decade, Canadian unit Fuck The Facts has gone from being the one-man grind project of founder/guitarist Topon Das to a full-fledged band that consistently pushes the boundaries of grindcore. The band has

Fuck The Facts – Unnamed EP Review

Canadian grinders Fuck The Facts are nothing if not prolific. Since their inception as a one-man unit in 1998, FtF has released eight full lengths (or more, depending on how you define “full-length”), four EPs

Fuck The Facts – Collection Of Splits 2002-2004 Review

Originally written by Jason Jordan. Fuck the Facts are the best band with the word “fuck” in their moniker, which is both a blessing and a curse. Aside from that, anyone familiar with these grindeath Canadians