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General Surgery – Lay Down And Be Counted Review

Like so many of us, the five Swedes in General Surgery spent the past year or so in lockdown. So they did what we all should have done with our unexpected spare time: They wrote

General Surgery – A Collection Of Depravation Review

A Collection Of Depravation rounds up most of General Surgery’s post-reactivation EPs and splits, along with assorted other gurgling goodies for the de(a)dicated fan. Relapse recently reissued the band’s semi-classic 1991 Necrology EP with some

General Surgery – Corpus In Extremis: Analyzing Necroticism Review

General Surgery is another one of those bands that bring to mind the term “Carcass-worship.” For this, their second full-length in nearly two decades of existence, this bunch of blood-splattered Swedish malcontents offer up Corpus

General Surgery – Left Hand Pathology Review

Originally written by Jeremy Garner I normally love to write long, detailed reviews about my views on an album, but sometimes it’s best just to shut the hell up and let the music speak for itself.