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Draconian – SOVRAN Review

For reasons I won’t get into here, it’s been a long month. Trials and tribulations; personal and professional; trivial and major – you know the type. So it was with a bit of resignation that

My Dying Bride – Feel The Misery Review

If I were the type of person who worried about “guilty pleasures” (I am not) or whether some thing I enjoy will set me up for ridicule (I am not), I might have to admit

Publicist UK – Forgive Yourself Review

So I guess that, underneath this suave and collected demeanor, I’ve always been something of a mopey bastard. I say that, because post-punk, in almost all its forms, has always appealed to me greatly, from

Tribulation – The Children Of The Night Review

Originally written by K. Scott Ross. Isn’t it strange how sometimes music seems custom made for our tastes, and yet we don’t enjoy it? Such it was with Swedish retro-death turned progressive gothers Tribulation. Their 2009

Paradise Lost – The Plague Within Review

Paradise Lost’s career trajectory is an interesting one, sometimes derided but yet always worthy of respect. They’ve followed their muse through the darkness, wherever it led them, and in doing so, through some serious ups

Albez Duz – The Coming Of Mictlan Review

German duo Albez Duz evidently derive their name from some medieval Germanic meaning “swan noisiness” or “swan rush.” Because I don’t know what either of those things are, I’ll be sticking to my original theory

Vaura – The Missing Review

I am occasionally hyper-critical of bands that fiddle with the primeval black metal formula, particularly when the fiddling is rooted in an over-sentimentalization that clouds the genre’s core nihilism. This awareness is to blame for

The Vision Bleak – Witching Hour Review

Originally written by Ian Chainey The Vision Bleak is tagged as a “gothic metal,” though the German duo prefers the more precise “horror metal.” This is worth noting, not for an immediate point of reference,