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Vaura – The Missing Review

I am occasionally hyper-critical of bands that fiddle with the primeval black metal formula, particularly when the fiddling is rooted in an over-sentimentalization that clouds the genre’s core nihilism. This awareness is to blame for

The Vision Bleak – Witching Hour Review

Originally written by Ian Chainey The Vision Bleak is tagged as a “gothic metal,” though the German duo prefers the more precise “horror metal.” This is worth noting, not for an immediate point of reference,

In Solitude – Sister Review

I first stumbled across Sweden’s In Solitude much the same way I’ve managed to stumble upon a slew of new bands over the last handful of years: early Mercyful Fate references get thrown around and curiosity

Amorphis – Circle Review

The Joutsen-fronted era of Amorphis is certainly consistent, even if these Finns haven’t released anything that truly captures the groundbreaking and game-changing magic of Elegy since… well, Elegy. After swapping Pasi for Tomi some eight

Atriarch – Ritual Of Passing Review

Portland’s harrowing, blackened, gloomy deathrock outfit Atriarch announced itself quite suddenly with 2011’s debut Forever the End. As good as that first album was, though, it finds itself happily eclipsed in all respects by the

Cradle Of Filth – The Manticore And Other Horrors Review

It should be relatively uncontroversial to suggest that Cradle of Filth’s finest days are almost certainly in the past. That’s not intended as a withering indictment of the band’s recent output, but one imagines the

The Devil – The Devil Review

Originally written by Matt Longo We in metal circles sure dig Old Scratch. He’s clawed his way into our imagery, themes, and often, band names. His own moniker mutates, and everything from Mephistopheles to Satan

Tiamat – The Scarred People Review

Tiamat’s journey from Swedish death metal also-rans to brilliant doom / death / goth experimentalists to pedestrian purveyors of cheesy mediocrity is well documented, at least for anyone who has paid attention since about 1998.