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Lacuna Coil – Karmacode Review

Originally written by Harley Carlson. Successfully employing (for the most part) a safe and simple formula that blurs the lines between mainstream radio rock and bona fide underground metal, little strategic musical change has been

The Bronx Casket Co. – Hellectric Review

The fact that the The Bronx Casket Co. would be releasing a new album took me a bit by surprise. After not heaving heard from them since 2001’s Sweet Home Transylvania, I kind of figured that,

Cradle of Filth – Peace Through Superior Firepower Review

Originally written by Jason Jordan. We have a lot to cover, so I’ll just get started. Cradle of Filth, on the whole, are both decent and divisive. I myself have heard their entire discography, and I

Tristania – Ashes Review

Originally written by Harley Carlson. When the multifaceted Morten Veland resigned his position as chief composer in the widely acclaimed Norwegian goth outfit Tristania to focus all of his energy into his new brainchild Sirenia, the remaining members

Dying Passion – Sweet Disillusions Review

Originally written by Andy Smyth Dying Passion is a Czech group, easily comparable to the likes of Nightwish, After Forever, and Lacuna Coil, that are looking to etch their notch in this popular brand of female

My Dying Bride – Songs Of Darkness, Words Of Light Review

Originally written by Ian Dreilinger. It must be the cold, there’s not really any other explanation for the amount of attention I’ve paid to the new My Dying Bride record. Walking at night with headphones on is

Tiamat – Prey Review

Originally written by Gregory Bradley. Tiamat is not a band for the image-obsessed metalhead. With themes that mostly revolve around love and emotion, their image is almost anti-metal, in that every song isn’t about sheer aggression,