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Green Carnation – The Quiet Offspring Review

Originally written by Patrick Dawson Green Carnation has been on a slide away from Light of Day, Day of Darkness’ scope and creativity since the moment that project left the pressing plant. As a listener

Paradise Lost – Paradise Lost Review

Originally written by Patrick Dawson Honesty is a trait I appreciate in a reviewer. If Joe over at OmfgMetalRawks.com is upfront with me concerning his lack up knowledge on a band or genre before he

Draconian – Arcane Rain Fell Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas Last year, Sweden’s Draconian tugged lightly on my heart strings with their take on gothic/doom metal. It didn’t fully dance with romantic Goth leanings, but instead draped the sound in a more morose

Visions Of Atlantis – Cast Away Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas So while my esteemed colleagues are reviewing the likes of the excellent Epoch of Unlight and the blistering Blood Red Throne, I get to bring you Visions of Atlantis, yet

Nightwish – Once Review

Originally written by Tim Pigeon After many months of hearing about how this album was tearing up the charts in Europe, North America will finally be greeted with Nightwish’s latest work Once thanks to a

Cradle Of Filth – Nymphetamine Review

Originally written by Ramar Pittance Cradle of Filth, Nymphetamine: Lets skip the foreplay and get right into this review. We all know Cradle isn’t a black metal band today, nor were they really ever beyond their

Draconian – Where Lovers Mourn Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas Tearful and melancholy Gothic Death/doom metal is the order of the day for Sweden’s Draconian, and while by no means original, fans of Theatre of Tragedy, Tristania, Sins of Thy

Fall Of The Leafe – Volvere Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas Fall of the Leafe are one of the few bands that have drastically opened up their sound and evolved into more commercial pastures successfully. There style shift can be likened