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Oh Hi, 2018: Our Most Anticipated Albums, Part 1

Welcome to 2018. Welcome? Is anything really welcoming these days? Isn’t the slow crawl of time just another reminder of our mortality and the fragility of society? Didn’t you just come in here to read

Grayceon – Pearl And The End Of Days Review

Originally written by Chris Redar Is there anything better than a pleasant surprise? One time whilst cleaning my vehicle I found a winning scratch-off ticket for 20 bucks that I had completely forgotten existed. The

Grayceon – All We Destroy Review

There’s a lot to love about the San Francisco/Bay Area, but if I had to choose one element that tops the list, I’d go with that region’s inclination for stubborn open-mindedness that stretches across nearly

Grayceon – This Grand Show Review

Wow. After hearing the first two songs from the sophomore effort from Grayceon, I promptly picked my jaw up off the floor and immediately kicked myself for not heeding the universal–and I do mean universal–praise and

Grayceon – Grayceon Review

Originally written by Doug Moore. In my recent review of Swedish prog rock act Wolverine, I bemoaned the state of so-called progressive rock. To abbreviate the argument, I feel that prog rock has lost touch with