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Full Of Hell – Coagulated Bliss Review

[Cover art by Brian Montuori] In the past 15 years, Full of Hell has unleashed 46 different releases on the world. Sure, a smattering of those are compilations, box sets or live albums, but a

Septage – Septic Worship (Intolerant Spree Of Infesting Forms) Review

“Get in, loser. We’re going grinding…” That’s what Septic Worship says to me from the first instant, the opening five-second blastfest of the wonderfully titled “Inauguration Of Septic Tank Release And Epic Faecal Sludge Chug-Off.”

Blast Rites: Hemorrhoid – Raw Materials Of Decay Review

Thankfully, I’ve never yet had to deal with hemorrhoids, but I hear they’re a total pain in the ass… Boom. Mic drop. Thanks. I’m here all week. But seriously, folks. These bloody Portland, Oregon-based death-grinders

Defect Designer – Chitin Review

[Cover art by Ian Miller] Here’s a one-image review of Chitin, the latest full length from Defect Designer: Oh, do you require more information? Okie dokie. Here we go… Defect Designer’s lineup has shifted considerably

Blast Rites: MooM – Plague Infested Urban Dump Of The Future Review

According to an interview on Lixiviat Records’ site, the name “MooM” most closely translates into English as “defect” — the intended meaning being the “disadvantages of being born into this reality while being awake to

Blast Rites: AK//47 – Menari Dalam Abu Algoritma Review

A few weeks back, at the turn of the year, we published our annual Most Anticipated Albums for the coming year. In making our selections back in December, I had initially chosen the third installment

Knoll – As Spoken Review

There’s certainly value in bands that find a tried and true formula and then ride that formula for the entire existence of the band. Known quantities are a profound comfort in a world full of

Best Of 2023: Andrew Edmunds – I Used To Be Indecisive, But Now I’m Not Sure

So the stupid title that I gave this thing is both a terrible dad joke and a sad truth, in the sense of that, whenever I’m compelled to make these year-end lists (which seems to