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Blast Rites: Septic Vomet – Infected Cadaveric Slaves Review

The film sample is a tradition in goregrind, but very rarely has any been used as awesomely as on the opening to Septic Vomet’s Infected Cadaveric Slaves. Taken from the 2013 Evil Dead remake –

Sickrecy – Salvation Through Tyranny Review

Familiarity breeds contempt, I’ve heard, and I certainly understand the meaning of that aphorism, but it’s not always true. Sometimes familiarity is a warm blanket, a well-worn pair of boots that fit just perfectly, a

Blast Rites: Trucido – A Collection Of Self-Destruction Review

If you’re reading a grindcore column, then you should already know (or at least be aware of) Texas tech-grinders Cognizant – if you aren’t, then take some time after you finish this to get right

Exhumed – To The Dead Review

Exhumed is one thing, and in that one thing, Exhumed is many things. Exhumed is gore metal, of course, the self-determined appellation that adorns their classic debut album, and in being “gore metal,” they are

Escuela Grind – Memory Theater Review

As my compatriot Mr. Hotz mentioned in his recent write-up of Cloud Rat’s latest, 2022 has been a hell of a year for grindcore. In addition to that Cloud Rat, we’ve been blessed with new

Cloud Rat – Threshold Review

[Cover art by Jacob van Loon] Cloud Rat is a very busy band. It may not seem like it when you consider that Threshold is only their fourth album in the span of 12 years,

Human Corpse Abuse – Xenoviscerum Review

[Cover artwork by Jose Gabriel Angeles] Take a journey with me, my fellow grizzled riff-gluttons who’d likely rather bong all the world’s remaining Schlitz wounded soldiers in lieu of sacrificing an original Effigy of the

Blast Rites: Couple Skate – Human Resources Review

“Sometimes you just need some… disgusting blastbeats and just like… y’know…” “…some fuckin’ sick fuckin’ vocals, man.” And when you do, then here you go. From the idyllic Midwestern paradise of Lima, Ohio, comes Couple