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Last Rites’ Facebook Albums Of The Week: August 11th – August 17th

“Album Of The Day” is a Last Rites Facebook feature we started whose purpose is quite straight-forward: highlight one album per day and say a few words about it. Understanding that not everyone chooses to

RIP Dave Brockie, AKA Oderus Urungus

Gwar Frontman Escapes Earthly Imprisonment Last Rites is saddened to hear of the passing of Gwar frontman Dave Brockie, aka Oderus Urungus. You can love ’em or hate ’em or think they’re just okay, but

Gwar – Lust In Space Review

Who’d have imagined that metal’s multimedia maestros Gwar would make it to the quarter-century mark? But then again, why wouldn’t they? As one of the most bizarre and creative collectives to ever emerge from the

GWAR – Beyond Hell Review

Originally written by Jon Eardley Ever since being condemned to planet Earth many, many years ago, Gwar has never really been about the music. Their true calling is in their shocking appearance and their extremely