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HammerFall – Masterpieces Review

Following up a 2-disc best-of collection with a covers collection? I’m not quite sure what is up with HammerFall these days. Less than a year after releasing Steel Meets Steel – Ten Years of Glory, they bring us

HammerFall – Steel Meets Steel: 10 Years Of Glory Review

Has it been ten years already? Wow, I’m getting old. You see, I consider my introduction to HammerFall in 1999 as something of a turning point in my metal evolution. I had spent a couple

Hammerfall – Threshold Review

Originally written by Jon Eardley Out of all of the many sub-genres of metal, power metal has got to be the undisputed leader in when it comes to recycling riffs, and it doesn’t take a

HammerFall – Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken Review

Oh, how I wish HammerFall could be new to me again! When I first heard them it was as the opening act for Death on their 1999 tour, and for a kid who grew up

HammerFall – One Crimson Night Review

If you are not a HammerFall fan, please stop here. There is nothing for you to read here. Why would you waste your time reading about a band you loathe, anyway? That is time better