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Tanith – Voyage Review

[Cover artwork by Luke Cantarella] You are aware of the existence of Amoeba Records, yes? If not, just know they are one of this country’s finest purveyors of all things music-related—a Mecca of sorts for

Found Sounds And Frig You Friday, Vol. 4

Fuck me, there is a LOT of music out in the world. You ever tape songs off the radio? (Yes, at least two of the words in that sentence are enough to paint me as

Avantasia – A Paranormal Evening With The Moonflower Society Review

Though it was originally formed as a side-project of Edguy’s vocalist Tobias Sammett, Avantasia has since surpassed Edguy’s reach and popularity. Although the project was initially intended only as a vessel for the two-part Metal

Sonja – Loud Arriver Review

Long, long ago—even before the days when the lonesome warble of AOL’s “You’ve got mail!” swept through the wilds of the heartlands—goths and metal freaks shared an equitable “the enemy of my enemy is my

Phantom Spell – Immortal’s Requiem Review

[Cover artwork courtesy of SeventhBell] The escape element hitched to so much of heavy metal has long been one of its most valuable windfalls. Sure, a fair portion of it manages to trek paths worn

A Sound Of Thunder – The Krimson Kult Review

The great thing about heavy metal (apart from, well, most of the things about it) is how many different moods it can summon. From the most decrepit, wizened metal crone (hi, hello, how are you)

Hällas – Isle Of Wisdom Review

[Artwork by Lena Richter & Maldo Illustration] It must be strange to be a weird band facing curious obstacles in this bizarre world. Even stranger if you jump from the gate as an eccentric band

Sanhedrin – Lights On Review

[Artwork by SeventhBell / Jack Welch] We all have those certain bands we champion like heroes and attempt to push into the lives of virtually anyone lucky enough to coexist in our sphere. And when