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KEN mode – NULL Review

[Cover art by Randy Ortiz] “I don’t believe that you mean well” That lyric perfectly sums up KEN mode’s eighth album. The artists involved don’t feel the world has their best interests in mind, and

Blast Rites: Cacasonica – Las Primeras Bullas 2006-2012 Review

Friends and fellow fans of the fast and fun, who among us hasn’t said at least once, if not with disturbing regularity, “I should really listen to more Ecuadorian noisecore.” I know I have, and

Turian – No Longer Human Review

Gremlins are such delightful vicious little creatures. They’re decked out with spikey spines, gnarly teeth and razor-sharp claws. Despite their small stature, they wreak unimaginable havoc regardless of whether they are rolling solo are acting

Wolfbrigade – Anti-Tank Dogs Review

Fast Rites: because sometimes brevity is fundamental The kings of d-beat are back, baby… …albeit for just a quick moment. This three-song EP is the band’s first release since 2019, which wasn’t all that long

The Bearer – Chained To A Tree Review

Understanding the assignment is a very valuable trait in a band. In the mid-‘00s, metalcore (WAIT, DON’T LEAVE) hit its nadir as a seemingly endless parade of copycat bands wrote half-assed At The Gates riffs

Missing Pieces: The Best Of What We Missed In 2022 So Far, Vol. 1

Once upon a time in the MetalReview Dot Com Days Ov Yore, this crew of particularly persnickety prickly pears would review everything sent to the email inbox (or PO box). It’s unfathomable to think of

G-Anx / Filthy Christians – Split Review

History is important. Some old guy whose name I forgot* once said something about how those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it, which is one of the few reasons I’m pretty

Blast Rites #4: Days Of Desolation – Circles Review

Plagues. Wars. Impending climate disaster. Yet another Kid Rock album… Sometimes these days do seem desolate indeed… Thankfully, we’ve always got grindcore to get us through. Belgian three-piece Days Of Desolation returns with their second