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Diamonds & Rust: Ripping Corpse – Dreaming With The Dead

Imagine being an extreme metal fan in the New York-New Jersey region at the dawn of the 90s. It was far from the only booming death metal scene (you’ve heard of Florida, right?), but there

Best Of 2018 – Chris Sessions: Are You Slimy Enough For 2018?

ON THE YEAR Last year at this time I was angry. Constant anger starts to numb the spirit. You feel tired rather than restless. So you stop paying attention, focus back in on the minute

Best Of 2018 – Zach Duvall: Confessions Of A Cornfed Crackpot

Greetings, you husks. This year, instead of some State of the Scene Address, we’re going to talk about consensus in music fandom, and how it doesn’t really exist. Yes, seeing the same albums top every

Best Of 2018 – Last Rites Combined Staff Top 25

You’re here! Welcome! So glad you could make it. So, how was the flight? Wait, what? You walked here? All the way from January 1st? You walked here all the way from January 1st. Wow.

Hate Eternal – Upon Desolate Sands Review

From Dictionary.com: Dependable [dih-pen-duh-buhl], adjective: Capable of being depended on; worthy of trust; reliable. “Our mailman is very dependable, even when it rains, sleets, or snows.” “This bar is quite dependable when it comes to

Hate Eternal – Phoenix Amongst The Ashes Review

Originally written by Justin Bean. I’ll be up front from the start and say that, like any self-respecting death metal fan, I’m a big supporter of Hate Eternal. I’m also in what seems to be the

Hate Eternal – Fury And Flames Review

originally written by Jim Brandon For nearly a decade Hate Eternal have been blasting us into utter oblivion, shamelessly pushing the most extreme velocities of death metal to their limits. I’ve been paying very close

Hate Eternal – I, Monarch Review

Originally written by Patrick Dawson This is it. Eric Rutan is deserving of accolades. In my eyes this band has been struggling to find an identity, a production, and frankly its footing for quite some