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Fall Of The Idols – Contradictory Notes Review

A stunning, arguably canonical debut, Fall of the Idols’ The Womb of the Earth remains a doom high-water mark. Though hardly an uplifting contribution, “Sown are the Seeds of Doom” remains a Soundtrack of 2006

Hypnosia – Horror Infernal Review

To those who are familiar with Hypnosia, no introduction is needed. For those who aren’t, a brief one will have to do. Formed in Sweden in 1995 by some relative youngsters, they put out a

Reino Ermitaño – Veneración del Fuego Review

Seems as though you can’t take three steps these days without hearing or reading about the prevailing topic of ‘women in metal.’ Sure, they’ve always been in the overall picture — albeit outnumbered — but

The Wounded Kings – In The Chapel Of The Black Hand Review

Originally written by Jason Lawrence It’s no secret that Doom Metal and its bastard children Stoner and Sludge have had a great upsurge in popularity, progression and production lately. What ten years ago was usually filled

Black Oath – The Third Aeon Review

Originally written by Rae Amitay Formed in 2006, Black Oath is an Italian doom metal band heavily influenced by all things occult and ominous. Their Myspace declares in blaring capital letters, “DON’T EXPECT NOTHING ELSE BUT OCCULT

Evoken – Beneath The Frozen Soil And Evoken Split

I have a very serious question to pose to you all: Was the Disney film Fantasia integral to your childhood? If so, then you can probably join me now in connecting most of metal’s subgenres

Realmbuilder – Summon The Stone Throwers Review

Straight out of New York city comes the “epic” metal-playing duo, Realmbuilder. Sadly, the only thing epic about Summon The Stone Throwers is its failure. Its tracks are filled with the type of monotony and blandness


Jex Thoth – Witness Review

Vocals–they’ve killed many a metal album over the years.  Other times we’re willing to make peace with them only because the music is so killer.  But a great voice, only that actually makes an album, now those are in