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Immortal Bird – Thrive On Neglect Review

…goddamn, the way this latest Immortal Bird starts off deserves a review that starts off the same way RIGHT FUCKING NOW straight mauler of a front riff and Amitay sounds like someone is throwing fire

Judas Priest Indebtedness Guest List: A Musician’s Perspective

We love Judas Priest. This is blatantly obvious, of course, as we’re winding down Priest Week here at Last Rites. But it bears repeating ad nauseam: We. Love. Judas. Priest. Guess who else loves Judas

Immortal Bird – Akrasia Review

Let’s get the massive, whopping, unavoidable disclaimer out of the way first: Immortal Bird is a new band featuring none other than former Last Rites staffer Rae Amitay. I also know Rae personally and consider