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Zach Duvall’s Best Of 2016: Foundations Of Immortality

Another year, another year-end roundup blah blah blah… NO! Not going to treat this like any other year. Not at all. Because for a multitude of reasons, 2016 was far from ordinary, or even within

Last Rites’ Best Of 2016 – Combined Staff

Every year we get hundreds of thousands of letters from all over the world asking how we manage to compile our annual Last Rites Combined Staff Top 25 List. It’s no easy task, we’ll have

Insomnium – Winter’s Gate Review

The modern metal world will occasionally present us with the album-length song concept. Green Carnation, Gorguts, Meshuggah… sort of. It is not a new idea. And in fact, bands like Opeth, Cradle of Filth and

Insomnium – Shadows Of he Dying Sun Review

Insomnium has long held the status as being one of the best melodic death metal bands to not emerge directly or indirectly from Sweden’s Gothenburg scene. While always owing a ton to Dark Tranquillity, these

Insomnium – One For Sorrow Review

Originally written by Rae Amitay Insomnium takes the rather vague classification of ‘melodic death metal’ and creates their own melancholic, complex, and driving definition. Above The Weeping World was a masterpiece; Across the Dark felt a

Insomnium – Across The Dark Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas It’s ironic that I write my review of Insomnium’s fourth album the same week that Be’lakor’s second album also gets reviewed as there are a lot of similarities between the two acts; both ply

00s Essentials – Volume Nine

If you are the type of metalhead that just likes to thrash, mosh, and ‘bang until the sun comes up, then Volume 9 is your neck-wrecking menu. Extremely tasty traditional-ish metal combines with just about

Insomnium – Above The Weeping World Review

originally written by Jim Brandon I’ve only been able to briefly hear Insomnium’s In The Halls Of Awaiting and Since The Day It All Came Down until fairly recently, and after more concentrated listening I