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Gus G. – Quantum Leap Review

There are only a handful of name-brand metal guitarists. Gus. G. is certainly one of them, and that was before he joined the Ozzy train in 2009. Firewind, Dream Evil, Nightrage, and Mystic Prophecy—he was

[::] – XIXIX Review

[::] is more interested in exploration than accessibility. Then again, accessibility in metal is often skewed by our place at the extreme end of the spectrum. Not having a singer, writing long songs, and having

The Chasm – A Conscious Creation From The Isolated Domain – Phase I Review

Trying to put words to the wordless is something I never thought I’d find myself tackling with regard to Chicago’s The Chasm. Yet here I sit, trying to put words to the wordless. Who the

Trioscapes – Digital Dream Sequence Review

Why does it always feel like that, the more technical and complex the band/music, the harder it is for me write about them? I mean, I shortchanged Porcupine Tree’s Deadwing with less than 350 words,

Scale The Summit – Collective Review

originally written by Chris McDonald Instrumental progressive metal will likely never become a truly “hot” item in the metal and rock scenes, but Scale the Summit has certainly had a large part in bringing this

Serpent Throne – White Summer • Black Winter Review

Most of the time spent daydreaming, drifting and listening to heavy metal in my room as a youth found me in the illusionary role of a dynamic frontman, like Ronnie James Dio, Bruce Dickinson and

The 25th Hour – Monsters Review

The 25th Hour is an experimental outfit hailing from San Diego, California…with no vocalist. Although it’s becoming more and more common for musicians to release all-instrumental albums, it’s still quite a bold statement when they

Scale The Summit – Carving Desert Canyons Review

originally written by Chris McDonald Scale the Summit’s second album Carving Desert Canyons was one of those that just slipped through the cracks here at Last Rites. It sat unreserved in our queue for so