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Rest in Peace: Clive Burr

Clive Burr began his career with Iron Maiden in 1979 after a brief stint with Samson. He appeared on the albums Iron Maiden (1980), Killers (1981) and Number of the Beast (1982), and was widely

Steve Harris – British Lion Review

The ultimate trouble with a solo album from a musician whose name is inescapably attached to a specific band is that the solo effort in question is immediately and often unfairly tethered to the work

Last Rites’ Best Of 2010 – Combined Staff List

Another year, another list. 2010 brought yet another onslaught of heavy metal, and we at Metal Review sifted through the gross majority of it. Finally, the dust has settled, and all that remains are our

Zach Duvall’s Top 20 of 2010

What a year… I don’t know if I just paid more attention in 2010 due to free time or if this much stuff really did blow me away, but I never remember listening to and

Iron Maiden – The Final Frontier Review

The Number of the Beast was the first heavy metal album I ever bought (on cassette from Fred Meyer’s at Lloyd Center Mall in Portland, Oregon, during the summer of 1982). Even though Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden – The Final Frontier Review

Andrew Edmund’s take: Since there will never be another Queen album, there is no band whose new records I await with greater anticipation than those of Iron Maiden. Maiden was the band that first brought

00s Essentials – Volume Ten

We hope that over the last 10 weeks you have made some great new album discoveries due to this absolute monster of all decade-ending lists. Better yet, we hope you have formed some new obsessions.

Iron Maiden – A Matter Of Life And Death Review

Chris Chellis’ take: History unfolds before us and the two-ton text that is Maiden slaps us across the face yet again to demand another thorough read with A Matter of Life and Death.  Like any aging author whose