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Leng Tch’e – Razorgrind Review

It’s been seven years since the last Leng Tch’e album, 2010’s Hypomanic, and since no original members remained even for that one – longtime mainman Sven du Caluwe having departed after 2007’s Marasmus – truthfully,

Leng Tch’e – Hypomanic Review

After nearly a decade now, Leng Tch’e is still something of an overlooked factor in the grindcore world. While they’ve blasted their way through five solid records, garnering positive reviews with every step along the

Leng Tch’e – Hypomanic Discussion

Belgian grinders Leng Tch’e are set to release their fifth full-length in June, the blistering Hypomanic. Even with a new vocalist, a new drummer and a new record label, Hypomanic is happily just bashing and blasting business-as-usual for these self-proclaimed “razorgrinders.”  Metal Review had the quick opportunity

Leng Tch’e – Death By A Thousand Cuts Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas Yes I know this came out in 2002, and Belgian grind stalwarts have since released the excellent Manmadepredator, but The Spew is exceedingly slow, and since they sent it, I