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Best Of 2022 – Lone Watie: I Just Microwaved My Lunch Except It Wasn’t My Lunch It Was My Salad.

I’d originally written more than a thousand words for this space. I’d begun with “Somebody asked me early in 2022 how I define happiness,” and spent a great deal of words and energy then describing

Best Of 2022 – Our Album Art Favorites

Chances are pretty high that a not insignificant part of what first drew you to heavy metal were the aesthetics and imagery associated with our beloved genre. Maybe you were a young lady raised in

Staff Infections – September 2022

Hello, loyal readers of Last Rites. It is time once again for you all to get a gander at what the heck we’ve been listening to for the last month, in a little feature we

80s Essentials – Optional Retro-spections, Volume 4 Haiku

Round #4 is here, weary travelers, and with it, the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. But before we start thinking about fully crossing back into the 21st century, we’ve got trips to

Loudness – Rockshocks Review

LOUDNESS! ROUDLESS! I saw these motherfuckers in high school at a terrible little cowpalace in the Utah State Fairgrounds. I saw quite a few bands there, and Loudness was the only one that sounded decent.