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Judas Priest Indebtedness Guest List: A Musician’s Perspective

We love Judas Priest. This is blatantly obvious, of course, as we’re winding down Priest Week here at Last Rites. But it bears repeating ad nauseam: We. Love. Judas. Priest. Guess who else loves Judas

Manilla Road – To Kill A King Review

Surviving for over 35 years and producing one of the more plentiful and consistent discographies in metal puts Wichita’s Manilla Road in an interesting position. It’s clear that principal architect (and sole founding member) Mark Shelton continues

Manilla Road – The Blessed Curse Review

At one point during the guitar solo in “Tomes of Clay,” something big but obvious occurred to me. Granted, it was nothing that I hadn’t thought of while listening to any of Manilla Road’s 15

80s Essentials – Volume Two

Our journey through the golden age of metal continues with another set of ten classics. If you missed the first installment of The Most Essential Albums of the 80s, check it out here. Goats were

Manilla Road – Mysterium Review

As is the case, I would imagine, with most of you, I spend time with people who have little to no knowledge of any music outside of the pop world. To my friends and acquaintances

Hellwell – Beyond The Boundaries Of Sin Review

The Hellwell project came on seemingly out of nowhere, but once details spread, it came as no surprise to fans of the band’s most noteworthy member. After all, Mark “The Shark” Shelton’s immortal Manilla Road

Riffology 105 – The Riddle Master

Our riff for today’s lesson comes from one the finest traditional metal bands to every come out of the U.S., and almost certainly the best thing to ever come out of Kansas: Manilla Road. Manilla Road took

Titular Homogeneity – Masque Of The Red Death

So many horror fiction writers have served to inspire heavy metal music.  Lovecraft gets the obvious nod, but the works of Edgar Allan Poe, too, have had a great impact on the genre.  He was,