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What’s Happening? MDF and Memoria Vetusta III, That’s What

Originally written by old guard member Jordan Campbell. Summer is boring. Actually, scratch that. Here in the northern Midwest, summer is quite excellent; we pack an entire year’s worth of social activity into a four-month

5Q5A – Mantar – Rawest Display of Power

Mantar. MANTAR. It evokes a VO shout from a B-flick trailer. HE COMES IN THE NIGHT. MANTAR. Wearing a congratulatory smirk, you slide over and hit up “Spit” on the ol’ Bandcamp. Out of nowhere, the German

Mantar – Death By Burning Review

Originally written by Dean Brown. It has been established by the likes of 5ive, Death From Above 1979, Jucifer, and the almighty Darkthrone that there’s no novelty to be found in heavy bands comprised of two musicians. Indeed, it’s probably