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Hulder – Verses In Oath Review

There is a strange comfort in seclusion. Indeed, you’re aware by now that I’m no psychologist. Hell, I’m barely at liberty to talk to you about the state of my psyche. But I remember routinely

Heltekvad – Morgenrødens Helvedesherre Review

[Artwork: João de Sá from a 16th century anonymous Flemish painting, The King’s Fountain] With Heltekvad, Ole Pedersen Luk of Afsky sacrifices little aggression in adopting a medieval theme. And though I am still not

Iron Griffin’s Storm Of Magic: One More Case For True Metal

[Cover artwork by Oskari Räsänen] Iron Griffin’s Storm of Magic is one of the mightiest true metal albums you’ll encounter in 2022. [[KLAXON]] Just what the hell do you mean by “true” metal, you bastard.

Obsequiae – The Palms of Sorrowed Kings Review

Over a full decade and just a few albums, Minnesota’s Obsequiae has carved out quite the successful micro-niche in metal. Their melodic black metal is self-described as “medieval metal,” and the combination of Old World-y