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Diamonds & Rust: Moonspell ‒ Wolfheart

[Original cover art by Axel Hermann] Of all the bands that began their careers in more extreme terrain only to shift into sounds that were in some ways experimental, more commercial, or just downright different,


Fast Rites – Brief Blasts

Because you demanded it! Well, not really. But, we had to do something. You know the routine: writers are deluged with albums, most of which we can barely even listen to, let alone write a

A Monday with Moonspell: The Interview

The article was originally written by Rae Amitay. Back in May, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, I was given the chance to ask Moonspell’s longtime vocalist Fernando Ribeiro some questions about the band’s new double

Moonspell – Alpha Noir Review

Moonspell has weathered a number of things in their long career. Not unlike many other bands that found popularity in the mid-90s, they weathered a period of artistic experimentation that fragmented their fan base, and they

Moonspell – Night Eternal Review

Originally written by Tim Pigeon Portugal’s veteran goth/black metallers Moonspell have not missed a step as they approach their 3rd decade of existence. In fact, I feel that Night Eternal might be their most complete work to date, possibly excepting the

Moonspell – Under Satanae Review

Originally written by Tim Pigeon As I was in the process of writing about how I enjoyed this new turn that Moonspell had taken, I decided to dig a little, and realized that this release is

Moonspell – Memorial Review

Originally written by Tim Pigeon Like a musical representation of Barry Bonds, Moonspell only get thicker and heavier with age, as if injected with vigor. Nearly vanished are the monotone clean vocals that may have made them

Moonspell – The Antidote Review

Originally written by Tim Pigeon It’s how the same old thing can look in a different light. I was first introduced to Portugal’s Moonspell last year with their release Darkness and Hope. Apparently, it did