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Municipal Waste – Electrified Brain Review

When you get into middle age, some combination of social convention (“you’re too old for this”) or real-world responsibilities (kids, job, life) or simple physical limitation (it just fuckin’ hurts) will usually tell you that

Iron Reagan – The Tyranny Of Will Review

Crossover may well be the most fun of extreme metal subsets. There’s just something in the tried-and-true combination of thrash and hardcore that, even when lyrically serious, feels irresistibly spirited, perfectly energized and yet possessing

Municipal Waste – The Fatal Feast Review

Seven years ago, Municipal Waste’s now-classic Hazardous Mutation burst out as part of the big thrash revival — “revival” meaning “popular with the kids again,” since thrash never really went away. Hazardous was exactly what legions of bullet-belted youths were

00s Essentials – Volume Three

Volume 3 is all over the map; but from madness comes brilliance. This third edition of the 100 Essential Albums of the Decade is chock-full of surprises, apexes, and kinetic energy. VADER – LITANY THUD! THUD!

Municipal Waste – Massive Aggressive Review

originally written by Chris McDonald Municipal Waste: pioneers of the next age of thrash or overrated D.R.I. knock-offs? Both are true to an extent, but in a genre as inherently one-dimensional as thrash, I’ll happily