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Poison Tongues – Neurosis

In this bimonthly column, staff writer Doug Moore takes a very close look at extreme metal lyrics. Some will be serious, some will be silly, but they’ll all go under the microscope. Simplicity is powerful.

90s Essentials – Volume Nine

This is almost the end, my friends. Almost the end. We’ve come through eight installments of Last Rites’ 100 Most Essential Albums Of The Nineties, through eighty records, and here we are with ten more: A

Neurosis – Sovereign (Reissue) Review

By design, the music of Neurosis should not work within the confines of the EP format. Their success has long been dependent not only upon their ability to craft earth-shattering hymns of tectonic force, but

Neurosis – Souls At Zero Review

Neurosis fans tend to be an all-or-nothing bunch: You worship the band or you don’t; you “get it” or you’re a fool; you’ve followed the hallowed path into the wilderness and drunk deep your mystic

Hawkwind Triad: Harvestman, US Christmas, Minsk – Hawkwind Triad Review

originally written by Jim Brandon Cover albums usually rank about as high as Carnie Wilson’s stomach staples on my interest meter, but even I was intrigued when I learned Steve Von Till’s Harvestman, North Carolina’s

00s Essentials – Volume One

Truthfully, the title says it all, but it never hurts to reiterate. After much deliberation, Metal Review proudly presents The 100 Most Essential Heavy Metal Albums of the 00s. The idea for this compilation emerged many

Scott Kelly – The Wake Review

Originally written by Brady Humbert. As I mentioned in the Steve Von Till review, Neurosis are my favorite band. This was determined after careful consideration and ongoing inner arguments with myself. I’ve chosen carefully. I will also mention I’m interested in

Steve Von Till – A Grave Is A Grim Horse Review

Originally written by Brady Humbert. I came to the conclusion in late 2008 that Neurosis were/are the most monumental and powerful band I’ve listened to in my time as a music patron.  They completely changed how I listened