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Deafkids – Metaprogramação Review

Let’s begin with a pair of tentative maxims: 1) If you only ever look for the new—the cutting edge, the bold, the progressive, the iconoclastic—in music, you are likely a sad-hearted doofus who has never

Neurosis – Fires Within Fires Review

Fires Within Fires feels like aging. Now, hold up. I’m not talking about the ages of the members involved, or at least not directly. Neurosis’s music, at least from Enemy of the Sun onward (and

Alaric – End Of Mirrors Review

Unless you’ve been living under a very modern bridge that’s not at all gothic lately, you’ve noticed an intense resurgence in the post-punk, goth-rock, deathrock camp over the last five years or so. If you’re

Kowloon Walled City – Grievances Review

Back in 1998, I found myself in a hoity-toity bar in Park City, Utah on a night when a band called Whiskeytown was due to play a show in support of an album called Strangers

Steve Von Till – A Life Unto Itself Review

As a member of Oakland’s Neurosis since the late 1980s, Steve Von Till has been a part of some of the heaviest of all heavy records. That band’s sludgy hardcore-to-post-metal mixture is relentlessly crushing, cinematically

Yob – Clearing The Path To Ascend Review

After wearing a doom crown of their own design for years with monstrous albums such The Unreal Never Lived, YOB made their first real attempt at change in years (other than that brief breakup) with

John Baizley / Nate Hall / Mike Scheidt – Songs Of Townes Van Zandt, Vol. II Review

Well, this is a bit of a disappointment… Released in 2012, the first Townes tribute was a winner, though not every track succeeded wholly. That earlier one was Steve Von Till and Scott Kelly of

Corrections House – Last City Zero Review

Originally written by Ian Chainey  A pet peeve as an introduction: Artists don’t always create art to make all-caps ART. Artists aren’t required to saddle ART and ride it towards immortality. Occasionally, they decide against