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Defect Designer – Chitin Review

[Cover art by Ian Miller] Here’s a one-image review of Chitin, the latest full length from Defect Designer: Oh, do you require more information? Okie dokie. Here we go… Defect Designer’s lineup has shifted considerably

Elitist – A Mirage Of Grandeur Review

[Cover art by Tobias Holmbeck] On debut A Mirage of Grandeur, Copenhagen’s Elitist are a whole lot of things and also not a lot of things. For example, they play Danish death metal that is

KEN Mode – VOID Review

[Cover art by Randy Ortiz] The current kings of heavy noise last graced our ears not even a year ago with NULL, which served two purposes: first, to continue KEN mode’s pretty flawless track record,

Trichomoniasis – Makeshift Crematoria Review

[Cover art by Juliet Lacarne*] Postmodernism is a really wild thing to try to navigate in terms of art and music. Take Makeshift Crematoria, the first full length and third release overall for Californian duo

KEN mode – NULL Review

[Cover art by Randy Ortiz] “I don’t believe that you mean well” That lyric perfectly sums up KEN mode’s eighth album. The artists involved don’t feel the world has their best interests in mind, and

Track Premiere: Vessel Of Iniquity – “Blood Magic”

Noise is guerrilla music. Like the original spirits of black metal, reggae, jazz, punk, and hip-hop, it’s born of a reactionary nature. It scavanges, using the weapons and methods of existing expression and warping them

Blast Rites: Ape Unit – Filth Review

Giving Ona Snop a run for their money* in the competition for 2022’s most colorful cartoon grindcore cover, here we have Ape Unit’s newest, Filth. And furthermore, these Italian goofballs are going round for round

Blast Rites: Cacasonica – Las Primeras Bullas 2006-2012 Review

Friends and fellow fans of the fast and fun, who among us hasn’t said at least once, if not with disturbing regularity, “I should really listen to more Ecuadorian noisecore.” I know I have, and