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My Dying Bride – A Mortal Binding Review

A certain someone began his review of My Dying Bride’s last album, The Ghost of Orion, by stating that the band has never released a bad album. While that may be very true, there’s no

Sadus – The Shadow Inside Review

When I was a wee tot, about a trillion years ago, back in the Paleolithic Age… er, the early ‘80s, I had a bunch of children’s books from a series called ValueTales. The basic gist

Suffocation – Hymns From The Apocrypha Review

Many moons ago, whilst we were drinking beer in the parking lot before a Suffocation concert, my buddy absentmindedly posed the question, “Is Suffocation the best-ever death metal band?” And of course, the discussion of

Overkill – Scorched Review

If the job description of a journalist is to be impartial – if indeed a critic is a journalist at all – then stand back while I fail at that fundamental task… and fail soundly.

Enslaved – Heimdal Review

Greetings and god Fredag. This is a journey into sound. And sounds. And time, and shifting perceptions, and journeys (journeys of journeys), and our relationship to all of these things, but mostly to sounds. And

Twilight Force – At The Heart Of Wintervale Review

[Album artwork by Kerem Beyit] It’s been four years since we last heard a peep from Twilight Force, Sweden’s answer to Alan Menken stuffed into a mail hauberk. Were they the first power metal band

Best Of 2022 – Ryan Tysinger: Lifelong Journeys For Technicolor Vapors

First of all, forgive the self-indulgence. These words could be inscribed atop any list, any review, any critique; yet they beg to be uttered. After all, it’s a fundamental rule in critical writing: don’t use

Threshold – Dividing Lines Review

[Cover art by Masiha Fattahi] It’s cliche by now, the uncertainty of our time. It’s pervasive, coloring every aspect of popular culture from social media to TV and movies and maybe especially music. Entertainment certainly