Venom – From The Very Depths Review

For a while there, Venom really was the most dangerous band in the world. Not simply because they had the balls to print statements like “we’re possessed by all that is evil. The death of

Hell (UK) – Curse And Chapter Review

2011’s Human Remains was the special kind of surprising kickassery that very few expected but many ended up relishing. After all, this Hell band was a fringe NWOBHM act that never recorded a proper album,

Satan – Life Sentence Review

Sorry metal devotees, it appears as if all the extremes have long been met. No one can get any faster, heavier, louder, doomier, thrashier, deadlier, darker, grosser, deathier, eviller, drunker, higher, more violent, more bearded,

Enforcer – Death By Fire Review

You’ve felt something in the air lately, too, right? A relapse into old habits. The easy comfort of settling down in a worn couch groove. New bands, old sounds – that’s the thing. One hundred

Angel Witch – As Above, So Below Review

While not quite the please don’t suck case that say, the new Van Halen was, a new Angel Witch album certainly falls under the umbrella of only being welcome if it’s good. Or if it

Hell – Human Remains Review

A childhood spent over-indulging in the royal bombast of the King (Diamond) and Queen has left me with a long-lasting love of the theatrical; years of love for prog-rock have given me a liking for

Slander – Careless Talk Costs Lives Review

In some ways, Slander is band without a time. Formed in 1990, they self-released this album initially in 1991, and now they’re re-releasing it with bonus material twenty years later, thanks to Stormspell Records. But

Iron Maiden – The Final Frontier Review

The Number of the Beast was the first heavy metal album I ever bought (on cassette from Fred Meyer’s at Lloyd Center Mall in Portland, Oregon, during the summer of 1982). Even though Iron Maiden