Raven – Walk Through Fire Review

Originally written by Ian Chainey Tale ov the Tape: NWOBHM luminaries drop their twelfth record. Expect the same kind of proto-thrash punch of their “athletic rock” period with a smattering of the commercial hooks they

Saxon – The Inner Sanctum Review

Originally written by Chris Chellis. After treading in safe territory for far too long, NWOBHM legends Saxon surprised many with the undeniably heavy and modern-sounding Lionheart in 2004. Sure the production could have used more grit to match the

Iron Maiden – A Matter Of Life And Death Review

Chris Chellis’ take: History unfolds before us and the two-ton text that is Maiden slaps us across the face yet again to demand another thorough read with A Matter of Life and Death.  Like any aging author whose

Saxon – The Eagle Has Landed Vol. 3 Review

What can you say about a band like Saxon, critically? Especially in reference to a live album? What are the odds a band that has been in business for nearly three decades is going to fuck

Saxon – Dogs of War (Reissue)

Originally written by Chris Chellis. With an uncompromising hard rock aesthetic, Saxon released Dogs of War in 1995 and it has now been re-released with live editions of Dogs of War’s “The Great White Buffalo” and the classic “Denim &