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OU – II: Frailty Review

OU comes from Beijing, which is a circumstance that invites some pretty simple assumptions, very few of which turn out to be right. Simply put, OU doesn’t sound like a Chinese band, at least not

The Chronicles Of Father Robin – The Songs & Tales Of Airoea Book 2: Ocean Traveller (Metamorphosis) Review

[Cover art by Lars Bigum Kvernberg] This is the second installment of our review of The Songs & Tales of Airoea, a trilogy released by the band, The Chronicles of Father Robin. This second album

Best Of 2023: Andrew Edmunds – I Used To Be Indecisive, But Now I’m Not Sure

So the stupid title that I gave this thing is both a terrible dad joke and a sad truth, in the sense of that, whenever I’m compelled to make these year-end lists (which seems to

Restless Spirit – Afterimage Review

Sometimes when I write, I get stuck in a mental trap. On one side, I worry that I’m just repeating myself – that however many hundreds of times I’ve reviewed an album, maybe I really

The Chronicles Of Father Robin – The Songs & Tales Of Airoea Book I: The Tale Of Father Robin (State Of Nature) Review

Cover art by Lars Bigum Kvernberg Most of us must have core memories of grand plans we made with our best buds in school. To grow up and all be cops or robbers or sports

Frig You Friday Presents: Frig You Fuzz – The Best Psych, Stoner, Prog, And Heavy Rock Of The Year (So Far)

As is tradition, every Fuck You Friday begins with: “Fuck me, there is a LOT of music out in the world.” But as the keenest and kleverest of you eagle-eyed shit-shellackers out there have surely

Devin Townsend – Lightwork Review

Years ago, in another life, I remember talking about the philosopher John Rawls with a grad school classmate. Having read too deeply in poststructuralism and critical theory, I made some sneeringly insufferable attack on Rawls,

Phantom Spell – Immortal’s Requiem Review

[Cover artwork courtesy of SeventhBell] The escape element hitched to so much of heavy metal has long been one of its most valuable windfalls. Sure, a fair portion of it manages to trek paths worn