Tag: Progressive

Henget – Beyond North Star Review

The debut album from Finland’s Henget is an attractive synthesis of styles that, while somewhat disjointed, fires with enough varied inspiration to remain compelling. The brainchild primarily of the improbably named King Aleijster de Satan

Pestifer – Defeat Of The Nemesis Review

[Cover art by David Caryn] Nothing quite reminds you of the vastness of the musical universe like finding a new-to-you band that is decidedly not new. My initial spin of Pestifer’s new EP Defeat of

Psilocybe – Strange Place Review

Have you ever thought about the concept of object permanence? In human development, this refers to the realization that something does not cease to exist when it is not being directly observed. But before babies

Altari – Kröflueldar Review

[Cover art by Altari guitarist K.R.Guðmundsson] In the press materials for Kröflueldar, the full length debut from Iceland’s Altari, the band jokes that because the record took nine years to make, they named it after

Ihsahn – Fascination Street Sessions Review

The Fascination Street Sessions EP is the most immediately satisfying material Ihsahn’s nailed his name to since 2016’s Arktis. That’s the tweet. That’s the status update. That’s the myspace post. That’s the friendster request. If

Enslaved – Heimdal Review

Greetings and god Fredag. This is a journey into sound. And sounds. And time, and shifting perceptions, and journeys (journeys of journeys), and our relationship to all of these things, but mostly to sounds. And

Riverside – ID.Entity Review

[Cover art by Jarek Kubicki] Pop psychology has always moved big money with stories and strategies and tricks of the trade for keeping one’s chin up even through the most trying of times. Heck, some